In the medicine


When doing interpretation assignments in medicine (German-English and vice versa), we work with colleagues. In the cabin we interpret in twos. It is important for us to have your written information in advance so we can prepare well for the subject, check out the vocabulary, and possible look at podcasts on similar discussions.

Interpreting in Hindi and Tamil

I (the Managing Director of this company) am Indian by birth. I speak, read and write Hindi fluently, and also provide interpreting services from German to Hindi and vice versa. My knowledge of the cultural nuances of this language and the country will be useful for you if you wish to communicate in the language. Conversely, translating verbal statements accurately from Hindi to German is also an advantage if you engage my services.

Hospitals are obliged to perform medical examinations on foreign-language patients only after the latter have understood the investigation and consented to it. This may become necessary when a foreign-language patient is admitted for suspected tuberculosis or other diseases. The interpreter must ensure that the patient understands what is to be done and provides his/her informed consent. We also do these interpreting jobs on the telephone – saves time and money for the hospital.

I can speak Tamil (a South Indian language, also spoken in Srilanka) but cannot read or write the language. I serve as a Tamil interpreter for the police or the asylum office.

Languages other than German and English

We are primarily service providers for the German and the English language. If you need translations into other languages or from other languages, we will be glad to provide the names of qualified colleagues to the extent that we know them. We do not wish to serve as an intermediary because a) that will raise the price of the translation for you, and b) push the price down for the colleague whom we consider as qualified as we are.


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