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As a consulting physician you are planning to publish a professional article and need a professional review of your work? You are running or are employed at a company for pharmaceutical or medical technical products and need to translate information sheets or package inserts? Medical Translation Service, our translation company located in Vienna, is the right choice for you. We are your experienced professionals for all types of medical translations.

Our qualified translators from Vienna provide excellent translations, adhere to deadlines, and we offer a fair price. In addition to being accurate our translations are adapted linguistically to the subject in question. We translate texts in the following fields:

  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Medical technology
  • Science

We offer our clients medical translations of impeccable quality

Our highly specialized translation service in Vienna offers you a full package that meets your expectations. Our services include:

The quality of our translations is based on several years of experience and a genuine affinity for medicine. We guarantee accurate translations that sound appropriate in the target language.

Interested? Contact your translators in Vienna. We look forward to your inquiry and will be glad to advise you personally.

Extensive experience in nearly all branches of medicine guarantees professional quality

  • Target group Medical and Science

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  • Target group Pharmaceutical / Medical Technology

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  • Target group Patients

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