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You are going to hold an international conference or meeting with foreign guests? In this case it may be quite useful to engage a qualified translator or interpreter. That will help to avoid misunderstandings. At Medical Translations Service, your experienced translation service in Vienna, you will find a suitable specialist.

Exact and thorough preparation is the key to outstanding results

As your competent interpreters from Vienna we have ample evidence of having delivered good work. Our primary purpose is to ensure comprehension. We do the following to ensure our work is flawless:

  • Work with the speakers’ presentation files
  • Prepare glossaries for the subject
  • Do research on the respective issue

We also offer a special feature for you: Our main interpreter is Indian. In addition to German and English she speaks Hindi. That could be an advantage if you’re dealing with Indian business partners. According to our clients, intercultural competence can be very beneficial in business.

Our references for simultaneous translation:

  • We interpreted at the meeting of a leading Indian transport company and the Österreichische Bundesbahn (ÖBB). The main issue was the efficiency enhancement achieved by the ÖBB and how this could be adapted to Indian conditions. 
  • We interpreted for an Austrian company that developed an electronic language software for deaf mutes. Our interpreters translated the American speaker’s talk into German. 
  • We help Asian immigrants (mostly Hindi-speaking persons) who have to undergo medical treatment in Austria. Here we use the method of telephone interpreting. Thus doctors can communicate efficiently with patients (explaining the investigations to patients is a part of their legal obligations) without our personal presence at the hospital.

You are looking for an experienced interpreter? Contact us – we will be glad to help you!

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