Prices Wagner Bits and Words e.U.


The price for a translation is calculated according to the guidelines of the Translators' Association of Austria. It is based on the so-called price per line. A standard line consists of 55 characters (including blank spaces).

An example :
Your file (original text for translation) has 25,433 characters. This is how you find out the number of characters in your file. You open the file in Word, click "Extras" in the Function bar, select "Word count". Here you find a number adjacent to "Characters including blank spaces" - this number is used for the purpose of calculation.
In the above example, 25,433 divided by 55 (a standard line) is 462.4 lines (rounded to 463). Assuming we fixed a price of 1.50 € per line, your translation will cost about 694.50 € plus VAT. Note: the price per line is binding but the number of lines in the final translation is an estimate.

The price per line is divided into three categories, depending on the complexity of the text. Our offer will inform you of the following:
a) the estimated number of lines in the translation
b) the price category of the job
Thus, you will have a price that is binding for both parties before you place your order.

Categories of translation:

Category A: 

So-called simple medical texts, e.g. simple surgical procedures
popular medical literature 
Price per line: 1.50 €

Category B: 

Translations for which we have to read your literture carefully  Price per line: 1.75 €

Category C: 

Especially difficult originals which also require a careful study of your publications or extensive editing of the final text Price per line: 2.00 €

When we do a review of your paper we check it carefully for  grammar, style, syntax, the repetitive use of words, etc. For detailed information click "Review".
For reviews we charge an hourly rate of 75.- € plus VAT.
We usually take 3 to 4 hours for a 12- to 15-page manuscript. A brief case report may be done within 2 hours.

Detailed review
In addition to the work involved in a review, a detailed review includes careful study of the published literature on the subject. We also modify the style of your English to the style of the Journal in which you wish to publish.
For further information click Detailed review.
We charge an hourly rate of 75.- € plus VAT for detailed reviews.
We usually take 4 to 5 hours for a 12- to 15-page manuscript.


Professional discretionThe translator will handle the information and documents provided by the client confidentially. However, the translator may consult qualified persons to clarify technical terms.

Person to be contacted in case of queries
The client must name at least one person in his organization who may be contacted by the translator if the latter has queries regarding the text. This person must be qualified to answer the questions. If the client does not mention a person or if the named person cannot be contacted despite several attempts, Medical Translation may clarify the points in question externally (while ensuring professional discretion as far as possible) or may deliver the translation along with the ambiguous points. These points will be listed in a separate letter and sent to the client

Form of delivery: All translations will be delivered either on diskette or as a Word file (or any other format) via e-mail. If desired we cam also deliver a hard copy (on a diskette or a CD) or a printout free of cost. You will have to bear the expenses of long fax deliveries or express delivery.

Deadline The delivery date will be agreed upon in writing when the job is assigned. If we anticipate a delay, we will inform you of the same as early as possible and get your consent. Delays in delivery will have no consequence on the price.

Conditions of payment: The provided services and incurred expenses will be invoiced immediately after the work is done. The invoice is payable within 14 days of issue with no deductions. Regular bank interest rates will be charged in case of delay in payment. For large and/or prolonged projects, an advance payment may be agreed upon at the start of the project. Further intermediate payments will be agreed upon in writing before the job is started.

Value Added Tax: Our services are subject to 20% value added tax. If you do not reside in Austria the following applies: If the invoice is issued in favour of a commerical enterprise we issue the invoice without VAT. However, if the recipient of the invoice is a private person the invoice will be issued with VAT.

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