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Richard Crevenna

Dear Ms. Wagner,
The following article which mentions your name in the Acknowledgement section has been published. The ISI list cites this journal as a top journal in the category of “Rehabilitation”. Thank you very much and best wishes, Richard Crevenna

Crevenna R, Schmidinger M, Keilani M, Nuhr M, Fialka-Moser V, Zettinig G, Quittan M. Aerobic exercise for a patient suffering from metastatic bone disease. Support Care Cancer. 2003 Feb;11(2):120-2.

Katharina Kerschan

... I wanted to inform you that the review "Impedance of cadence on bicycle ergometer training" will appear in the journal named Physical Therapy Reviews. I received the Journal’s acceptance today.
We (myself and my department, the Department of Physical Medicine, University of Vienna) have been satisfied with your work throughout. You always kept your deadlines. What I found particularly valuable was the fact that you were readily available for queries and answered my questions in detail and/or incorporated these into the text.
Thank you very much for your very helpful corrections.
Katharina Kerschan

Univ. Prof. Dr. E. Hell

Dear Ms. Wagner,
Your translations are impressive in that they reflect a high degree of competence, precision and careful adherence to deadlines.

In the year 2000 you worked on a few large projects concerning the subject of adiposity. Your thorough work-up of a highly technical subject was most impressive. Besides, your detailed and carefully listed queries on the items that were unclear – in fact your corrections and improvements of the original texts – convinced us of your accurate and thorough approach.

Do keep it up!

With best wishes,
Univ. Prof. Dr. E. Hell, Surgery, Hallein Hospital


... My paper titled "Removal of self-expanding wallstents" will be published in one of t he forthcoming issues of "Endoscopy".

Thanks again for your expert translation.

Thanks again for your expert  translation.
Over the long period of time during which I have known your company you have always delivered professional work at an affordable price. Specialised translations certainly require very specific skills and your company has proved its expertise in this field.

Keep up the good work!

With best wishes,
D.Gmeiner, Salzburg

Doz.Dr.Herbert Lugmayr

... a long time ago you translated a paper for me on Expandable Wall Stents for Radiology. I was impressed by the quality of your work, which was accepted and published by a top journal like Radiology with just minimal changes.

From this time on, your company is my first port of call when I need translations of any kind. In medical subjects I feel correctly and fully understood by you when you translate my work. As far as other subjects are concerned, I am confident of the fact that you have specialists at your disposal who translate the text in accordance with the terminology of the subject at hand.
Thank you for our very successful cooperation.

With best wishes,

Doz.Dr.Herbert Lugmayr
Radiology, Wels Hospital, Upper Austria

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