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You intend to undergo medical treatment abroad – in the US, for instance - and need your reports to be translated into English? An American or British doctor should be able to read the reports to spare you a repetition of the examinations?

You need to translate your medical reports and the results of examinations for forthcoming treatment? Our translation service in Vienna will be able to help you. We are specialists for medical and pharmaceutical translations and offer a professional service for doctors – as well as their patients.

English and German translation of medical reports in Vienna

Diagnostic investigations you may have undergone (such as CT, MRI, or laboratory investigations) can be very expensive if they need to be repeated abroad – apart from the time and inconvenience involved. We help to translate your documents – this way you save time and money.

In the course of his/her medical history a patient collects a large number of reports. We translate the entire convolute if you wish. You only need to scan these and send them to us as PDF files or JPG files. We send you the translations as Word files.

Are you interested in our service for patients? Don't hesitate and contact us. As experienced professionals in this sector we can assist you.

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