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You may well be able to speak, read and write English. However, your time is probably too precious to be spent writing or translating every word and every sentence you think of. Obviously, as a scientist and author you would rather focus on what you want to say than how to say it.

If you respect linguistic skills you will be aware of the fact that every language has its special nuances. For instance, in German you say „Im Rahmen dieser Studie“. In English it would not be grammatically incorrect, but not good style to say “In the framework of the study” (a frequent error, by the way). A better way of expressing it would be “In the course of the study” or “In accordance with the basic structure of the study”. The translator will decide which of the various alternatives would fit best in the context of your text.

Does that make sense?

We want you to experience a tangible advantage from our services. An exchange that is “More than what you expected“. Contact us if you have a text that needs to be translated into English (or from English to German). We will be glad to send you an estimate of the costs and the time involved.

A brief note on “More than you expected“: quite often we find irregularities in the original text when we translate it into the desired target language. Naturally we make the author aware of these points when we prepare the translation.

We deliver the complete translation as a Word file. Any questions or remarks are listed separately in a file and sent.

We have extensive translating and editing experience in the following medical specialties:






Physical Medicine







Obstetrics &

Ear, Nose & Throat Diseases


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