For the Pharmaceutical Industry and Medical Technology

Pharmaceutical Industry

Translating for the pharmaceutical industry calls for specific skills and knowledge. Whether it is a summary of product characteristics, instructions for use, a package insert, a product label or an entire submission of documents for the official marketing authorization of a product. We have the knowledge this needs and also several years of experience in the field. You need to be able to rely on the accuracy of the sub-headings and the contents. You can count on us to deliver those within the deadlines you have to meet.

Our spectrum of services includes the following:

  • Package inserts
  • Information sheets and booklets for patients
  • Research reports and papers
  • Toxicological, pharmacological, clinical and biological information
  • Training booklets for staff and pharmaceutical representatives
  • Operating instructions for technical devices
  • Product labels
  • Instructions for use
  • Summary of product characteristics
  • Clinical trials
  • Submission of marketing authorization for pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical Industry | Medical Technology | Editing

Medical Technology

Translating for medical technology requires a thorough understanding of the subject and the respective devices. I have worked for several years in a hospital and am familiar with many devices. You will be serviced by a person who has an affinity for medicine, medical technology, and the hospital environment.


“Editing” in English involves “shortening a text”, but that is by far not all we do. You and we – we want your manuscript to be accepted by the Journal of your choice. We, on our part, do our best to achieve that goal for you. You can put your mind at rest. You can put aside your uncertainty as to whether your manuscript fulfils the linguistic requirements of the journal. Every scientist is familiar with this uncertainty. Isn’t it a good feeling to know that you can rely on someone?

Of course we shorten your text if it contains repetitions. We also modify it so it is more succinct and expressive. In case of any uncertainty as to what you intend to say, we make a list of questions (if desired we work in the review mode). Thus you are at no risk of losing or weakening your original statement.

Of course we ensure a sentence does not contain repetitions of words. We also pay attention to punctuation marks. Although it is not common these days, we dare to use a semicolon (;) in the appropriate context. Your manuscript will arrive at the reviewer as a text written by a native speaker in the English language. We are all familiar with the critique “Have the paper checked by a native speaker”, right? We minimize your chances of encountering this criticism. In case the journal still objects to the manuscript we keep our word and make corrections afterwards free of cost, except if you alter your text very significantly.

You receive the edited text as a Review file and additionally a Track-changes version that shows our changes. If necessary we send a file with a list of all ambiguous points.


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