Website translations for doctors, pharmaceutics and medical engineers

Today one can find nearly information on almost any subject on the Internet. This also applies to healthcare. Representatives from the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries as well as hospitals and medical offices have homepages which are updated regularly. You are looking for a professional website translation? Medical Translations Service at Vienna is the right place to approach. We will be glad to help you.

Eventually English is the most important language. To have a multilingual Internet presence is highly advisable. Obviously, you must have at least an English version.

A full service package: Website translations with Medical Translation Service

We have translated the websites of doctors as well as pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. With an English version of your homepage you enhance your chances of being found on the internet through keywords in a foreign language. Besides, English is a lingua franca today – it makes good sense to present oneself in the language.

Translating a website is a fairly simply project. Your target audience wishes to know what services and products you offer. A website translation should not be complicated or verbose – this is the maxim we follow.

A professional website translation means translating the text content on each subpage as well as HTML tags (Meta, Alt, Tilte and so on) and editing the HTML code. That way you will be found more easily on the Internet. To provide a perfect service we cooperate with professionals in internet technology and will be glad to pass on their services to you.

Are you interested in our service and need a website translation of a high quality? Get in touch with us – we look forward to your inquiry.

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