Translation of Websites

For Doctors, Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Companies

Having a website in the English language is nearly a must for doctors in German-speaking countries. Our familiarity with medicine makes it easy for us to prepare the English version of your website in a way that your target audience is able to understand it. Of course we need to use the kind of English that a lay-person would understand. Your target audience wishes to know what products and services you offer. Therefore, the translation of your homepage must be simple and not verbose – this is the guideline we go by.

We have translated a number of websites for doctors. Remember: an English version of your website means that the search engines have more material to scan and potential clients will be able to find you and your services even by entering English keywords.

Ideally you should send us your website text as a Word file. We will calculate the effort, agree upon a price with you, and start to translate. Depending on the length of the text, we can deliver within a fairly short period of time.

Contact us if you want to have your website translated – we look forward to your enquiry.


We look forward to your inquiry

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