Medical English workshops, courses and lectures

Medical Translation Service, located in Vienna, is your experienced partner for professional translations, editing and interpreting. We also help you if you need to improve or refresh your Medical English.

Our lectures are adjusted to the attendees' requirements and their level of their English.

  • What are the common mistakes one makes when writing in English?
    Here we deal with similar words and phrases in German and English, their meaning, the use of punctuation marks in English (when and why), the use of prepositions, idioms, how long sentences or paragraphs should be, etc.
  • How do I word my covering letter to an editor when submitting an article?
  • How do I respond to reviewers and their criticism of my paper?
    Should I argue? How do I still get my paper accepted?

A refresher in Medical English from our translators in Vienna

When planning a lecture on Medical English for a specific audience we speak to the organizer and/ or the future attendees in advance. We establish the purpose of the lecture. We plan our lectures and courses accordingly and ensure that the content is adjusted to the attendees' level of the English language.

The most important thing is: Our lectures are designed as workshops. We ensure that the attendees are interested and actually listening all the time. We get them to make their own suggestions, so they're actively involved in the learning process. We also organize a series of lectures on request. Every lecture is based on the previous one. The attendees are given "homework" which they may send to the lecturer via e-mail.

The idea of a workshop for your hospital or department is appealing? Give us a call or send us a message. We’ll make sure you and your staff members improve their English – and enjoy doing so.

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