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Books are a larger project and must be planned appropriately in advance. You will be glad to know that, if you assign us the job, you are dealing with experienced translators. We have translated several books from German to English and vice versa. We know what it means to plan a long-term project, deliver the work in stages, and keep the deadlines of publishers. Besides, you have translators at hand who have an affinity for medicine and for languages.

The special feature of translating medical books is that the translator should be familiar with large quantities of text and should work on a deadline basis. Translating 500 or 600 pages within a certain period of time requires immense discipline. You may refer to one of our largest translation projects: Textbook of Clinical Radiology, published in 2013.

Our experienced and competent translators are your partners if you wish to have a professional translation of specialized books or literature. Several years of professional experience and a consistently expanding body of medical knowledge ensure that we translate even specialized subjects easily and fluently.

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